Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ground Effects Landscaping is moving!!!

We are moving!
January 2, 2012
107 W. Sahuaro Rd.
       Quality, award winning design, maintenance and installation, our personnel is looking forward to Ground Effects Landscaping being in a new location. The value of this new yard is going to bring new and special opportunities for education for our community we serve. Education is paramount to a perma-culture (permanent or indefinite sustainability for the landscape) maintaining or improving in value; this, after all, is your valuable investment.

       We are going to be highlighting several local organizations that have great success and numerous projects that you will be interested in knowing about. We will also continue providing seasonal tips for our unique Sonoran Desert, as well as more information about our beautiful desert.

       This tidbit comes from the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum's Book of Answers. Although there is some debate among the naturalists, ASDM count five seasons per year. They are:
  • Spring: February to April
  • Foresummer or dry summer: May and June
  • Summer monsoon: July to mid-September
  • Fall: Mid-September to November
  • Winter: December and January
       So, watching for the amount of rain, and knowing December and January are usually the coldest months where the hardest freezes will typically come, will help you plan the best course of action for your garden or landscape.

You can also call us for a consultation at (520)751-0232, check our website, Ground Effects Landscaping, or find us on Facebook at Ground Effects Landscaping!

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