Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cold weather: pruning, irrigation, watering

     Now that the cold weather has finally hit our fair city, plants have that cold burn look that is very noticeable. Many people rush out to cut off the offending plant parts, but be careful not to over-shear!
     As you can see by the picture to the left, it is easy to shape them while keeping as much of the plant. Keeping the "burnt" part actually helps protect any new growth and the root ball. Another hard freeze won't hurt this plant, but if you have plants that are over-sheared, you risk loosing the plant due to a frozen root ball.
     The best time to cut the plant back will be in March, when the lows are higher and the new growth is starting to pop. Some plants that are affected are lantanas, salvias, petite oleanders, tecoma stans (yellow and red trumpet bushes, bougainvilleas, red bird of paradise ... just to name a few.
     You can do some selective pruning; this opens the plant up some to let the sunlight hit the plant, promoting growth. Once again, don't do too much until it warms up!

     To the right, you see a padlocked vacuum breaker cover. Make sure you are taking care of your water system by taking precautions and protecting your system. The range in price depending on the size you need, from $60-$120.

     One last note: don't water your turf too late in the day.You can break your turf (especially rye grass) if you walk on it if it freezes, as well as causing very icy conditions. Water your turf so the water has soaked into the ground before it freezes. Icy conditions due to watering can lead to litigation and affect your insurance policies.

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